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 One RS gold guy thought Lilyuffie expired. Another man asked what the old nite lost when he died. I attempted to convince him O.N. expired IRL, but he kept asking what he dropped GP wise. I shook him by telling him he lost a dragon platebody and black pickaxe. Conversation to be uploaded soon. My purpose - do you think runescape is at least as friendly as ever?

 Personaly I often ignore people, but try to think from their perspective. They believe that they are awsome and really smart, which means that they are just stupid. But then they say something stupid snd I go back to wanting to punch them. Most people dont understand its an EFFIN GAME! When I get an A in algebra two, and they're receiving a D- in remidial math, il be laughing because THEY have 110 combat.

 I havent played Runescape at a long

Disclaimer - I do not really take part in these dumb glitches, I have 150m+ in resources, and that I don't need something silly to acquire the banhammer on me. SO people saying I cheat and such, please perish. Pew pew pew, since I have not posted in like what 1 month, because I'm rather inactive with runescape now. I shall enlighten people with the pvp glitch. Unlike another subject the host of the subject just alerted people of the bannings, this is exactly what really is occurring. The glitch is fixed, so idiots don't even try me.

 It had been found first by some buddies, as well as went a long more uncovered it, exactly like the grapes, or dragonstone RWT approaches:-RRB- Eventually whole clans started doing the glitch, I will not say precisely, but it was to do with putting things on your familiar to fool the fall system into thinking you lost that sum of money - so the next time you died CHA-ching! People kept dying with the possible and supposedly lost"300k" every death, and getting money off it. Luckily Jagex did find it out (Yesthey are very very very very very very very very slow at finding some bugs). It cautioned people they had until Tuesday they were probably going to be prohibited.

 Abusing clans immediately alerted themselves (The smart ones did it on newb* accounts for pleasure ) A riot headed by X__icy__x (Forgot his name, he got banned), and followed by documents after files of idiots who made the incorrect option, marched around Runescape by using their cheat-money. They decided to take rares out together, so yes if you've got a rare, you might want to sell it now:-RRB- As for now, people have started to produce pictures, and youtube videos of folks trying, and succeeding at this glitch, and sadly not everyone who did abuse it's going to be prohibited, since Jagex will give them the benefit of the doubt. Evidence of the taking out rares. Good for me since I've four buy School RuneScape Gold santa hats that I bought for 10m final month by coincidence.

 Abusing clans  immediately alerted themselves (The wise ones did it upon newb* accounts for OSRS gold pleasure ) A riot led by X__icy__x (Forgot his name, he got banned), also followed by documents after files of idiots who made the wrong option, marched around Runescape with their cheat-money. They decided to take rares out with them, so yes if you have a rare, you may want to sell it today:-RRB- As for now, people have started to create pictures, and youtube videos of folks trying, and succeeding at this glitch, and sadly not everyone who did abuse it's going to be prohibited, because Jagex will give them the benefit of the doubt. Proof of the taking out rares. Good for me because I've four santa hats which I bought for 10m last month .

 I havent played runescape at a longlong moment. When I left there was a fall celebration held by yours truly. But now im back and want to play and there was th issue. I'm flat broke and have nothing to get me started. So I decided to have a look around how to make money. I had an orthodox method to make money. So I came up with this creative thought. Skills needed. Buy yourself 28 tanned hides. This will cost roughly 50k.

 Then now you throw them into hide bodies. This will require a few minutes. Today you will need to buy your nats and get your fire staff ready. Alch them all from that you will alch each one of them to get a great 4.6k. The complete is 120k. 1 inventory... only the one you'll acquire 70k gain for 10 mins or less work. People who read this are blessed with all the understanding. I had been checking out the RS high scores and put together a list showing the amount of 99's achieved in every ability, as of today.

 The Medieval Age in RuneScape

that's a total of 556,385 skillcapes earned, not such as questcapes. Do you find anything interesting? Ever since the first notion of Sailing, I have been studying the Medieval era at which RuneScape is set. This thread will include my knowledge, as well as how it is in the game of RuneScape. Everything here's my very own remarks, so please do not spam this thread in case you've nothing interesting to say. Thank you. Notice: In this particular thread, the Middle Age and Medieval Era are to be presumed as the exact same time/era. Well, firstlythey were very spiritual at the moment, as are most RuneScapers. However, they had several religions, including Christianity and Protestant. This is like the distinct Castle of RuneScape, such as Zamorak, Saradomin and Guthix. One more thing that came to my attention was the landscape of the Medieval Age. Comparable to RuneScape, there has been a Church in most cities and towns, in Addition to several Castles, Palaces and Plenty of Huts and Stone Buildings. Many of these features are shown from the game. There is the idea of Dragons and Demons, which really show up in the game. There is also the idea of species such as Fairies and Gnomes, which appear in the sport. From these quests as Mountain Daughter, to skills such as Cooking and Fishing, everything mentioned below looks in both areas (The Medieval Age and RuneScape).

 Hunter: Most men (and a few women) of the Middle Age would spend quite a great deal of time hunting. Main catches included Birds, Rabbits and Deer (maybe coming to the game soon). Fishing: A lot of food has been obtained from the river, sea and lake. A lot of people claimed to be more skilled at catching certain fish. This is similar to RuneScape, as you are likely to see. Baking and cheap School RS Gold Cooking: In RuneScapethis is a remarkably popular ability, but at the Medieval Era it was considered an art.

After the RS3 gold quantity of updates started to drop Jagex started doing updates to produce things such as bottle pursuit creation much easier asserting it'd let them release more quests again.

This old chestnut mare was ridden into the floor. Yes OSRS takes less to develop, but that is not and never has been a justification. Not wanting is only a case of laziness whatever the source. They simply announced a new construction method in the style of size of Safecracking in today's Q&A Livestream. I think they also told us they're hiring and outsourcing a great deal of devs. Some are beginning as soon as a week, if MTX really things then it is a good cause for more hiring.

Much like the coming storage upgrade OSRS is getting to POHs

No point in using a bigger team if you can not get shit from the door. Dude it's such fun content also, I have done like 50 on my ironman and actually enjoyed it. Im half sure they had a lot of it devved before poll. Which honestly is rather problematic. I wish they'd do the majority of the work after the survey so they don't waste any job. Warding vietnam flashbacks kicking in.

Mahogany Homes was created in a closed environment with one Jmod, once it passed on the polls a group went to actually work on implementing it. When you look in Mahogany Homes it is really not a hell of a lot of work behind it, just requiring a couple of new versions, apart from that it's reusing assets they've needed for awhile. Oh it was one of the ones created on one of those free time .

I believe they tend to work on things first if it's very likely to pass a poll or if they may use the resources elsewhere. In this case it was directly based on a popular suggestion from 6 months ago so they could guess it'd be well received. So they need to perform a significant amount of the job before bringing it to the survey.

I can't confirm whether it's accurate, but Jagex has been around record dozens of times stating they don't put significant dev time into pre-poll content. They mostly flesh out the ideas and roadmap and receive community input pre-poll. I am pretty certain group ironman was declared at runefest 2017 and was likely to be released 6 months down the street at the most recent. Idk why Jagex makes so many empty promises every Runefest; it's like they make all these programs and if they get in the dev work they understand it is going to be a lot more work than they anticipated but they are fearful of being transparent with the community about it.

The over-promise and under-deliver because it attracts people to buy the premier club every year, and as soon as they have their money out of that it's like they no longer give a fuck about the actual updates. Jagex already has the skilling contract frame laid out quite a little while ago. For example, PoF contracts have been added on the fly. It was just a ninja update that required a couple of days. If Jagex wants, they could add contracts to each of the other OSRS Gold For Sale skills on the fly in both RS3 and OSRS too. The question is do they have better implementations than skilling contracts.

But while NBA 2K MT has dominated the current market, the video game makers also know they should improve. So NBA 2K21 is going to have some brand new features and enhanced gameplay, which we'll get into below. Additionally, it is worth pointing out 2K will be accessible on the next-gen consoles when Xbox collection X and PlayStation 5 release this holiday season.Now that we've covered the fundamentals, let's get into everything you'll get when you buy NBA 2K21.

NBA 2K21 is going to be released on on September 4, 2020. The next-gen variations of the game is going to be released at start together with the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Microsoft and Sony haven't yet announced official dates for console release, but both are intended to debut in late November. When the new consoles are available, so will the release of the next-gen variations of NBA 2K21.

There are technically four variants of NBA 2K21 this past year. There's a Standard Edition and Mamba Forever Edition that go Together with the present generation of consoles. And there will be a Standard Edition and Mamba Forever Edition for the next-gen consoles. Each edition features its own unique cover. Damian Lillard will grace the Standard Edition on the present generation while Zion Williamson is featured on the normal Edition of this next-gen edition.

There is good news and bad news for those that want to upgrade NBA 2K in the present generation to the next generation. The fantastic news is it's possible to do so without needing to purchase the game double. The bad news is it's not possible if you buy the normal Edition. If you would like to upgrade NBA 2K21 in the current generation to the next creation, you must buy the Mamba Forever Edition.

Additionally, it is worth pointing out you can just update to next gen should you keep inside the console family (PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5 or Xbox one to Xbox Series X). You'll also receive the Zion Williamson Digital Collection at no extra cost when you upgrade to the next gen version of the game. This offer is available through both physical copies of this sport and digital copies.

Some added bad news is the MyPLAYER Inventory and advancement will not move in the next-gen switch.You can find more information about the next gen switch on NBA 2K's website.One rumored feature, however, is your ability to create a female participant for MyCareer. We saw the coming of the WNBA at NBA 2K20, but fans were angry there wasn't an ability to further the women's Cheap 2K21 MT into MyCareer.

If you are NBA 2K21 MT going with that then might as well take out catch and shoot, contact finisher, intimidator, and fast first step since those have all been must haves for me. No just take out intimidator. Or at least make it work on contests. The other ones make sense to get. They might maybe take out contact finisher and rather than having packages of contact dunks you've got each separate dunk and you have to figure out which ones activate the most and which ones work the best. Like people search for the very best jumpshot, you are going to need to look for the ideal contact dunks.

Quick draw is not actually a MUST have is it? I guess it just depends upon the jumpshot you are using. I use quickdraw but merely. Anything faster than that is just too much for me personally. And frankly, as soon as you've got Deadeye on HoF does it really matter how fast you get the ball away? 99 percent of their time? Catch and shoot is in the same boat. Deadeye, variety extender, hot zone hunter and Volume shooter are the MUST HAVE shooting badges in my opinion. Intimidator really don't run but I only had 5 defensive upgrades available so I put them clamps and pickpocket.

Goodbye to my beloved badge

It should not happen to be a badge. This jumpshot's speed should have been in the creator like every other year. Since there is not any more badge, '' I hope they're gonna fix the bug for the next year in which you equip a customized jumpshot, it automatically unequips after every game, thats the reason I didn't use a custom this year. It is possible to fix it (or at least try). You need to buy the jshot foundation the shot is based off of which will quit unequipping. Tried this and a lot of other procedures, nothing appeared to work for me, but fortunately Jumpshot 98 with HoF Quick Draw to a high 3pt score and Ray Allen with Silver Quick Draw on reduced 3pt rating was working good for me I hadn't any interested this year in getting a custom one.

Themselves change every day too. I've a PF that does not shoot so I use Real Player% so I don't fuck up layups but almost everyday I must pick that setting again because my settings change back to default. It would not help that's why I asked. I would like to create my Green % higher, not lower and it seems that a shot would also have a window, which I wouldn't want. I thought that this was a response.

No, you can't green using Real Player% at all but if you are shooting layups, close shots and post-hooks you do not need greens, they are very large percentage shots without it. Layups are occasionally hard to time plus Late/Early releases will make you skip far more layups than you would miss otherwise, therefore Buy NBA 2K MT Coins using Real Player% is best for layups.

Animal Crossing Bells is still popular and the gaming world can not seem to get enough of it. Whether its the possibility of building out your island neighborhood, or having to spend some time with real life friends and A.I. villagers at an electronic space, the hype for Animal Crossing is at an all-time fever pitch. With all these options who are the best villagers as you construct it into something 25, to try and get on your island? It seems it's time to check in and position the most intriguing animal villagers known to appear at Animal Crossing New Horizons.

If there's one thing true about people its that most of them adore deserts. Merengue is a female rhino who resembles a strawberry shortcake with dreams of becoming a pastry chef. She is cute and sports a very unique design that features her horn being decorated as a vibrant and ripe strawberry. Like her existence will make your life a bit of cake, it looks.

When you decide to visit other places or simply get a better understanding of the new people and residents of your island, it seems that Orville will be a point of interest. Here's hoping Orville will not become overwhelmed once the island begins filling up.

When assessing which villagers you should welcome onto your staircase, cranky personality types are the ones which are the most difficult to usher in with open arms. Out of all of them, a series who's appeared in every title, Lobo, looks like the one worth giving a opportunity. On top of being a blue wolf, he's got a close relationship with K.K. Slider, the famous canine musician accountable for the show' phenomenal soundtrack. His house interior will let you listen to K.K. Safari whenever you like as he's it playing on his tape deck.

Marshal, the squirrel villager, is the best illustration of this rule of thumb.On the surface, he looks like a grump and mad individual, but through conversations, you are to realize he's very polite and type however still comes with a smugness about him.

This villager is going to be inserted via an update on the launching day of this brand new game and will probably be the centerpiece to this event occurring at that same time. It seems that those hopping in early will benefit from building a bond with this yellow bunny on which seems to be labeled as Bunny Day. This is precisely the identical holiday as Easter however, it goes by another name in hopes of not making anyone feel left out based on their spiritual beliefs.

Though you'll still be dealing with Tom Nook on an almost day-to-day basis as a Cheap Animal Crossing Items resident of the island, at least Isabelle will be there to assist you achieve certain tasks.

Animal Crossing: Most Overrated Villagers Of New Horizons

Some of  Animal Crossing New Horizons Bellsthose items are all too recognizable, while others may seem a bit strange to have appeared at the top five. Fish lure is one of the simplest recipes in the game. All it requires is a manila clam, but because you can't craft in mass and button mashing isn't for everyone, some want to outsource this fishing helper.

The cutting board along with ironwood dresser have been making waves in the sport essentially because the very first. Both portion of the exact same design family the cutting board is half the recipe to the oh-so-chic ironwood kitchenette along with the ironwood vest not just fits but looks great on its own. The imperial partition and bed are just another pair of things in precisely the same design family to produce a top list. The crescent moon chair is a recipe just obtainable through Celeste, which makes it as rare as it's adorable. This chair is vital to any star-themed space or celestial aesthetic someone might be shooting. Speaking of cute, the soft-serve lamp turned into a leading seller is no surprise--its own desirability actually speaks for itself.

According to these combined lists, it might be inferred that all of the hottest design themes are ironwood, cute, and royal. Getting the perfect house is such a focal point of this game there's no doubt these markets will continue to boom while New Horizons remains popular. But we can start to draw on the line at selling villagers soon.

Even better unbox that your villagers, since Nintendo is gearing up to crack down on the Animal Crossing New Horizons villager market.For those people living in blissful ignorance, New Horizons' flourishing villager exchange marketplace --nicknamed"The Black Market" by fans--has basically been active since the game launched, with lots of players trying to market popular villagers such as Dom, Audie, and Ozzie for real or in-game currency. Raymond has been especially popular, with a few folks offering to swap him for countless Nook Miles tickets, even millions of Bells, or even real cash. One enterprising player even famously put him up for sale with a $1,000 price tag, to the ridicule of a lot of the player base.

On the other hand, the majority of villagers market for more reasonable prices. J-Cast News, the news network which reached out to Nintendo for a comment regarding the villager exchange market, listed Dom for instance.

All that is buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Items about to change, yet. The spokesperson warned that gamers that continue to market New Horizons villagers and items for real money is going to be penalized.

During the life of 2K21 MT, we gathered telemetry data that gave us a more detailed breakdown of what badges people were equipping for certain construct types, and which ones weren't being used as much. This was very beneficial in helping us redesign and tune the badges for NBA 2K21. I think you'll discover that more badges will have merit and fight for a place on your badge loadout, providing you more effective tools to take more games at a more varied fashion.

And here's some fantastic news I know the community will appreciate. We removed Quick Draw and put release rate back into the Jump Shot Creator. So that is 1 thing you won't need to waste your precious badge points on. As always, I wish to give a huge shout out to all the gameplay engineers and manufacturers, as well as the talented team in VC South, who worked (and are still functioning ) tirelessly to deliver the very best basketball game to date.

However, before then, thanks so much to all of you for your support and comments year in and year out. NBA 2K has ever been a collaboration involving the many passionate fans and committed developers in the industry, and we couldn't do what we do without you! Stay healthy and secure, and we'll see you!

Try out NBA 2K21's brand new gameplay controllers using its presentation in 2 weeks

NBA 2K21 will find a free demo Aug. 24 for both Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and together with it, players can test out the overhauled"Guru Stick," the right thumbstick commands which for the past decade have done everything from shoot shots into juke, fake, and add razzle dazzle to somebody's dribble moves. Mike Wang, Visual Concepts' gameplay director for the NBA 2K series, dug into the Pro Stick changes in a site post Thursday that announced the demonstration's availability. Taking a shot with the Pro Stick (a button command also begins a shooter ) is now achieved by holding the right stick down, only. In versions of the game, an individual could hold the rod in any direction, and it would cue up a shot effort. That holds true for starting dunks and layups.

Furthermore, Wang states NBA 2K21's Guru Stick will resurrect something that has been attempted four years back and did not actually work. "So instead of trying to stop the shot meter when you get to the perfect release window, you adjust the Pro Stick instantly to hit the ideal centre aim point," Wang explained. "The target window resizes dynamically based on player ability, shooting range, and just how well the shooter is contested, and may also change Buy NBA 2K Coins into the right or left based on the shot's degree of difficulty."

There is NBA 2K21 MT Coins two reasons I believe we've already seen this creation of consoled pushed to their limitation that is graphical. It is not likely to have far better on PS4 and XB1 than what we find here. Secondly, it might be absurd to think 2K would love to invest if they stand to benefit from providing a next-gen version that will be hyped up mainly because it seems in enhancing the product visually. 2K and every other producer of annual sports video games may need the difference between current and next-gen to be somewhat noticeable from a visual standpoint. As a customer, I'm fine with that strategy.

Soundtracks are cool and all, but quite honestly, in investing too much into this component of a game, I fight to see the real worth. Nevertheless, we have already seen the soundtrack which is going to be in the game, and based on your personal tastes, you're either elated, disappointed, or could care less about the tunes contained. I'm fine with what's coming on that front, as far as commentary, I can wait for the models for a significant jump in this region. There are some really cool things which could be done to make what' already good commentary in the game even better.

Here's part of where EA and 2K should bring the heat. I'm not talking about delivering modes. That's next-gen can wow us. I'm more referring to fleshing out ways. As an example, I have already stated that without a salary cap attribute in MyTeam, I am probably not going to provide that aspect of the game a lot of my time this year. Similar, although to a degree, the exact same can be said for a draft feature. Madden, FIFA, MLB The Show, along with the NHL series have versions of the concept in their collector manners. 2K wants to bring this back.

Play Now Online can remain as it's on current-gen, however the WNBA attribute, Pro-Am, MyCareer, PARK and MyGM/MyLeague must get some love. I'd really like to find a complete franchise mode alternative available for WNBA, in addition to the capacity to produce a MyPlayer. With this functionality accessible PARK as well as MyCareer and Pro-Am are fine. MyLeague fans and Most MyGM are worried because we have not seen a site for this region of the game, and usually that's been released by now. It is unclear if this means those dear styles have gone untouched. Since they are a couple of upgrades that could be sent on current-gen that would not threated next-gen's allure hopefully, that is not the case.

To players that are created, allowing offline roster creators to add tattoos for instance. Allowing MyLeagues with more elastic number of groups (8-64). Allow for rule changes which enable a four-point lineup (something I understand that's been discussed in the past), shifting the three-point line to college distance, as well as improving trade/free-agency logic for CPU-controlled teams. MyCareer will be made more appealing by simply removing the narrative from the match of this year, and enabling people to use the mode for a method.

Last, PARK and Pro-Am could be made better by nerfing the shield's drama in passing lanes (this would impact multiple manners ), removing the Quick Draw badge, taking the limitations off the heights of guards (you are not able to create big guards in the game), and bringing a little more rhyme and reason with shooting precision. Last, opening up the dribbling allowing for creativity, and a cat-and-mouse mini-game involving the ball-handler along with the defender. Not one of that re-invents the wheel, but all would make the game far better than NBA 2K20, which I still enjoyed, but still a game that accomplishes most of these goals is acceptable in the present scenario, and worth the investment for people that are hardcore 2K players.

Damian Lillard Discusses Being NBA 2K21 Cover Athlete More

Damian Lillard joined Portland Trail Blazers teammate Carmelo Anthony about the latter's What's On Your Glass series on his YouTube channel Monday and discussed several topics, including his mindset being someone who was overlooked for much of his career, his music and what it was like to become among the Buy MT 2K21 cover athletes.

The threads MT 2K21 have been imagining the general'rinse-and-repeat' format the 2K has obtained with regurgitating annual sport matches, the in-game microtransactions that offer benefits to users willing to spend additional money, and even the disdainful try to use Kobe's unfortunate death as a means to get consumers to buy the special edition that's called'NBA 2K21 Mamba Forever'. Why respect the deceased once you can profit from them, right? Users who have obtained an iteration of NBA 2K over the past 3 decades know what to expect from the iteration, as sports games are not exactly famous for improving anything year aside from playing event.

Recycling assets is a tactic, and those interested in the most recent iteration aren't overly worried about that. Some consumers are pointing to the writer, Take-Two Interactive, since they've been extremely heavy-handed in the past about controlling the picture of their names, even going so far as to sabotage modders with legal action should they add too much to the world that could otherwise harm Take-Two's future DLC efforts. Combining this with the ridiculous price-hike for NBA 2K21 that almost promises more recycled resources, because their demographic seems comparatively indifferent, and we start to acquire an interesting stew that smells of health socks and more corporate silliness that's been increasingly pervasive in the modern age of the video game industry.

The demo of NBA 2K21 ought to be falling on August 24, finally allowing fans of the franchise to get their hands on the ball and provide the present iteration of mechanisms that a proverbial spin to see whether it matches their hopes of the next iteration of the long-standing franchise that will notably include the alleged ability to create a female to play as in the My Career manner. In the meantime, it's advised that you steer clear of the Steam discussion board for NBA 2K21 lest you get removed or silenced for criticizing their policy, or the use of a legend to the game to market additional copies.NBA 2K21's Brand New gameplay features revealed

It has been a year on several fronts, and we all know that it has not been simple for everyone being cooped up at home with everything on your life. Hopefully this short blog will provide you something to look forward to in the world as you get ready for a new year of 2K hoops with NBA 2K21! It has been a busy year in Visual Concepts for us as we've been working hard to bring you the hoops experience on both current and next gen consoles.

I can't tell you how excited that the team is to reveal all of the new tech and amazing improvements we're bringing to 2K basketball with the ability of the next gen systems; but for now, let us take a peek at a few of the gameplay advancements coming your way for the current-gen version of NBA 2K21 starting on September 4 for PS4. Best of all, you'll have the opportunity to check out the way the game plays for yourself when we launch the NBA 2K21 demo on August 24.

I had the opportunity to jump with cover athlete, Damian Lillard onto a Zoom phone, a few months ago. He had a ton of thoughts and feedback for 2K21 and is a 2K gamer. But his main? Being able to Generate an PG. So, for all you Penny Hardaway wannabes, you have Dame to thank you for this as we've upped the maximum height for PG to 6'8″. Dame continued to share his own likes and dislikes of gameplay, which we added to the conducting wishlist we already had from the community. After compiling all of the feedback, we came away with a great collection of things that we understood the neighborhood wanted to see enhanced (e.g. long stretches downcourt sailing out of bounds) and came up with Buy NBA 2K21 MT skill-based solutions that could be more fun and fair for everyone.
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