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Tobacco fragrance is naturally combined with pop pearl moisturizing fragrance. In the nourishing fragrance, the nourishing fragrance is sweet and the original fragrance is mellow and natural. Nourishing fragrance, not spicy throat, sweet back and not astringent. The whole cigarette has a strong tobacco aroma. What is slightly different from other cigarettes is that the taste of tobacco leaves is not very strong, and should be a sweet tobacco leaf. The end of the smoke continues to be stable, the smoke is light and stable, and there is no fuss. External high-quality tobacco leaves are optimized in a multi-grade and small-scale model, supplemented by natural high-end flavors and fragrances Cigarettes For Sale, to highlight the original tobacco fragrance, the tobacco is golden and oily, the taste is mellow, the natural tobacco fragrance is transparent, the strength is moderate, and the aftertaste is clean Comfortable. The smooth smoke brings out a light fragrant taste Parliament Cigarettes, and the sweetness is dull. The cigarette filter wrapped in blue tipping paper is designed according to the golden section method and has the characteristic of selectively adsorbing harmful particulate matter in the flue gas. It is matched with horizontal-grained high-permeability cigarette paper. The cigarettes are beautiful and generous, and the overall packaging design is exquisite Thick and heavy, it is made with international first-class equipment and high-end auxiliary materials, and it is a fine-quality product among fragrance-type cigarettes. tobacco leaf. Highlight the natural aroma of tobacco and form natural aroma characteristics. The filter stick contains "royal jelly" burst beads, which has the function of increasing fragrance and moisturizing. It has no resistance to smoking. The overall mouth is soft, non-impulsive, free of impurities and irritation Newport 100S. The aroma gradually becomes stronger with the burning of the cigarette. Mainly, after crushing the royal jelly and bursting with beads, smoke it, the smoke is softer, the aroma is enhanced, and the entrance is a little sweet. The flue gas inlet is warm, delicate, soft and sweet, and slightly irritating when it comes out of the nose, it is different. Savor this aroma, the outer green is sweet and the inner is sweet, the round outline contains the rhythmic vitality, the high filtration rate of the smoke tar content and the high release rate of the aroma are organically unified, and the satisfaction of cigarette smoking is perfectly combined with the health needs; The smoke is sweet and round, soft and comfortable. Introduce the three-dimensional design concept of cigarettes; the application of pull-wire hidden anti-counterfeiting technology. The product adopts hand-selected high-quality tobacco leaves, and then adopts HXD cut tobacco online expansion technology to make the smoke index more stable. Cigarette smoke has a full and elegant aroma, soft and delicate taste, and effectively retains the original tobacco aroma. It tastes good and burns well. It does not fry ashes when it is burnt in the air, and the taste is slightly bitter and fragrant. There is no air in the process of smoking. When the soft smoke circulates, it enters the nasal cavity to the lungs, and the whole process is smooth and does not stop. The packaging color of the cigarette is made of metallic gold, which is cheerful and bright, elegant and not vulgar. The product adopts popular colors at home and abroad, and the color is golden yellow, which reflects the festive richness, concise and lively, elegant but not kitsch. On the upper left of the cigarette case, using laser engraving technology, a brilliant plum blossom is overprinted, which not only highlights the brand identity, but also is more anti-counterfeiting. The printing adopts the laser beam paper screen printing process to make the packaging more exquisite. Each cigarette uses pearlescent tipping paper, the cigarette holder is bronzed, and the steel seal sweeps the gold to show the noble style.
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Cheap Cigarette Online FreeShipping
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