The Christmas season is quickly approaching, and marketers everywhere are preparing for Black Friday. From improving your website to creating great promotions and freebies, marketers must account for a lot. If you're stuck for ideas, here are nine marketing methods that can wow your clients and increase your company's income.

What Exactly is Black Friday?

In the United States, Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving and heralds the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. It's also the time when many businesses (including your rivals) start offering multiple bargains and discounts on merchandise.

To remain competitive, your firm must develop a marketing plan that will increase revenue and please consumers.

Best Black Friday Marketing Strategies

The following are nine Black Friday marketing concepts for 2022 that you should examine.

  1. Include social media commerce.
  2. Make use of email marketing.
  3. Optimize your website for e-commerce.
  4. Examine product pages.
  5. Give loyal consumers enticing discounts.
  6. After Black Friday, follow up with consumers.
  7. Provide minimal expenditure incentives.
  8. Instill a feeling of urgency.
  9. Make a holiday marketing schedule.
  • Implement social media commerce

Consumers are increasingly using social media to make purchases and learn more about items and businesses. Social media commerce generated $26.97 billion in sales in 2020, with that figure predicted to more than double to $56.17 billion by 2023. So, why not include social commerce in your Black Friday marketing plan?

Connect your online business to sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, which all allow customers to make purchases. On these channels, you may also offer social media-exclusive Black Friday promotions, such as Buy-1-Get-1-Free deals.

What We Like: Not only will you increase your online earnings, but you will also get new social media followers.

  • Make use of email marketing

Start establishing your email list of prospective clients ahead of Black Friday to keep them updated on future Black Friday specials. One method is to use pop-up forms, such as the one below, to gather email addresses.

Make sure to provide an incentive. Offer the buyer, for example, 30% off their next purchase only for joining up for the email list. Once you've compiled your email list, you can begin distributing customised content depending on the requirements of your customers. Customized emails had a 122% ROI, according to an eMarketer study.

  • Make your website shopping-friendly

Nobody wants to wait for a sluggish website to complete downloading, particularly on Black Friday, when excellent offers are on the line. Your website should ideally load completely within one to four seconds, since this time range has a 12% to 30% conversion rate. The longer it takes for your site and its pages to load, the more probable it is that consumers will lose patience and abandon their transactions.

You should also improve your website to minimize problems or disruptions caused by the large number of Black Friday consumers.

What We Like: Not only will improving your website enhance conversion rates and help you avoid Black Friday blunders, but it will also improve your website's general operation, which is important all year.

  • Examine product pages

Visitors to your site will spend the majority of their time reading your product pages in search of the things they want. As a result, you must audit those sites to verify that they deliver a pleasant and efficient buying experience. Make sure you include the following in your audit:

Update product descriptions using sensory phrases that describe the product and SEO keywords that will help it rank higher in SERPs.

Sort your items according to their intended recipient and function. "Gifts for Kids" or "Home Decor," for example.

Include 6-8 product photographs from various perspectives so shoppers can get a good idea of what the product looks like.

What We Like: Auditing your product pages may assist enhance your consumers' online experiences. And, like website optimization, these modifications are necessary all year.

  • Offer enticing discounts to loyal clients

Offer unique promotions to long-term clients to show your appreciation for their loyalty to your company. Whether via contests, discounts, or BOGO, thanking your consumers for being loyal clients will encourage them to return long beyond Black Friday.

What We Like: Offering unique discounts and freebies will help you clear out inventory before the new year.

  • Offer minimal spend incentives

Offering minimum spend incentives is another strategy to push people to spend. Customers earn a reward every time they spend more than a particular amount. A percentage off their purchase, free delivery, a promotional code, or a gift might be the prize.

What We Like: Minimum spend incentives might encourage clients to spend more and act as a "thank you" for their faith in the brand.

  • Instill a feeling of urgency

Getting customers to act promptly is a great method to increase Black Friday sales. According to one entrepreneur, Marcus Taylor, creating a feeling of urgency helped him raise sales by 332%. There are various techniques to urge customers to act quickly, including:

  1. Flash sales could last barely a few hours or a single day
  2. When an item is out of stock, use time-sensitive phrasing such as "last opportunity," "today only," or "now."
  3. What We Like: Marketers may use email to advertise flash bargains or run pop-up social media competitions to get customers enthused and ready to buy.
  • After Black Friday, follow up with consumers

The marketing does not cease just because Black Friday is finished. Contact clients through email and inquire about their buying experience. Are they happy with their purchase? You may even propose additional goods depending on what they have purchased or get them excited about Cyber Monday specials.

What We Like: This is a wonderful chance to send individual emails requesting honest feedback or proposing alternative items.

  • Make a holiday marketing schedule

Of course, organization is the cornerstone to every marketing approach. To maintain track of your Black Friday marketing initiatives, create a holiday calendar. Separate calendars may also be required for various marketing platforms, such as social media or email.

What We Like: Managing other sales and discounts across digital marketing platforms may be difficult. You'll be able to reliably monitor your plans and progress if you create at least one marketing calendar.

Black Friday Marketing Suggestions

Whatever techniques you choose to use this year, keep the following in mind:

  • Keep track of your Black Friday strategy by creating one or more calendars.
  • Make sure your website and product pages are ready to accommodate a large volume of Christmas consumers.
  • To remain top-of-mind with your consumers, use social media marketing and email marketing.

BrainSol Technologies is a digital marketing agency that offers a variety of digital marketing services to businesses of all sizes. For further details, please contact me. Black Friday does not have to be a difficult time for your company. Implementing any of the aforementioned tactics will allow you to increase sales and please your clients in time for the holidays.